So…I'm starting a YouTube series called GameDevElement.

The series will feature weekly videos where I invite people in the industry to share their experiences and insights on different aspects of game development: something by game developers for game developers.

The concept behind these videos is to have developers recount their own experiences related to the process of developing and distributing a game. Each video will focus on one particular topic (for example deciding on an art style; or playtesting; or planning a distribution strategy) with the developer recounting what she has done, learned, and what her opinion is.

I am not trying to create instructional/how-to videos, not only because there are many of those around already, but particularly since I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all recipe. Every situation is different. I just want to make those nuances available so that people can take away the lessons which are valuable to them and apply those lessons to their own circumstances.

In this regard my role is not to interview, but rather to facilitate a conversational dialogue…to chat.

To start, I'm aiming for 5 – 10 minute long videos, featuring footage of the guest's games/projects with the conversation as audio. We'll see how that evolves over time, where I'd like to turn this into something a bit more reactive/interactive. But baby steps.

I hope that this will become a medium for people to benefit from having direct access to their peers who have been there before and want to share their first-hand experiences, be they successes or failures.

P.S. I hope you get the terrible homophone pun in GameDevElement. If you do, then allow me to engage in some self-mockery: